It’s the long awaited first episode of Noragami Aragoto! Three cheers for Yato! Hip-hip Hoo-

Wait a minute. Isn’t this kind of boring?

I’m a great lover of Noragami, so this is a bit distressing for me, but I have to say, I feel like this episode didn’t have any impact.

It might just be that the focus is on Bishamon right now, which makes sense, given that Aragoto is based on the Bishamon Arc of the manga. Bishamon isn’t really a character that I like that much.

The characters that I do like – Yato and his crew – are all very uninvolved so far. They’re still going about their everyday lives. School. Work. Mucking around at Kofuku’s house. Studying. Getting scammed into buying dubious lucky items. You know, the usual. Only Yukine has somehow managed to make friends with one of Bishamon’s Shinki, who luckily doesn’t know who Yato is.

The plot development is all coming from Bishamon’s side, as we see the toll that having so many Shinki is taking on her. One of her Shinki, Kugaha, is already obviously starting to plot something.

With all the conflict focusing around Bishamon and her Shinki, I’m really not sure how much I’ll be able to enjoy this season. My hope is that once Yato gets drawn into the conflict things will really liven up.

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