Con Rev

What comes to mind when I think of Concrete Revolutio? Well, lots of things. Like aliens, mecha, superpowers, a witch who comes complete with a Sailor Moon-esque transformation scene, and a little creature with an old man voice that lives in said witch’s cleavage.

Yeah, it’s a bit all over the place, really.

Oh, and add two different timelines to that list.

The first timeline takes place when our heroine, Kikko, is a teenager. I think she’s fifteen? She’s working in a cafe where an alien spy just happens to be having secret dealings with an important scientist. And somehow she gets roped into helping Jirou, a complete stranger, apprehend this alien. What follows is a strange mash-up of magic and aliens, which basically serves as an origin episode, introducing Kikko to what Jirou does in the Superhuman Bureau – protecting innocent superhumans and punishing dangerous ones.

The second timeline is randomly interjected into the episode a couple times, and takes place five years later. For whatever reason, Jirou has become a fugitive, and the person trying to apprehend  him is none other than Kikko. Well, not that she can seem to decide whether she wants to shoot him or confess to him. Jirou declares that he won’t return to the Superhuman Bureau, then makes his escape, leaving Kikko to feel sad about things.

Concrete Revolutio is certainly a bit muddled up and rough around the edges. But it’s still got my attention.

Con Rev 2