Touya is a teenage boy who lives by a well where a guardian spirit is said to reside, and has the responsibility of cleaning the area and giving offerings. One day, he accidentally drops the steamed bun he was offering into the well. A moment later, out pops Hakone-chan, holding the steamed bun and claiming to be the master of the well.

Having heard his wish to become closer to Haruna-nee, Hakone blackmails him into leading her to where there are more steamed buns. Along the way they just happen to meet Haruna-nee, and Hakone-chan, saying she’ll help Touya with his wish, spitsĀ some kind of Squirtle style water blast at him, pushing him forward. And where does he land?

On Haruna-nee.

More specifically, with his face in her boobs.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

If I’d read the genre labels more closely, I would have seen that this is a Seinen.

Judging by the amount of girls in the OP, I’m expecting boobs to be a recurring theme. That’s really not my kind of humor. I’ll probably end up dropping this one.