Shingeki 2

The first episode of SKC has come, and it’s the first anime so far this season that I feel met my expectations, if not exceeded them. It’s one of the cutest, funniest anime I’ve seen in a long time. I didn’t stop smiling once from start to finish.

SKC is a parody very strongly based on the original anime. It’s both familiar and new.

Eren wakes up from a strange dream, to find himself late for his first day of school, and he and Mikasa race to get there in time. Along the way they (literally) run into most of the members of their training squad, before all arriving at Shingeki Middle School. With Eren hurriedly leading the way, they accidentally run into the titan half of the school. Eren, completely undeterred by the fact that the entire school is giant, leads them into a classroom where the titans assault them with giant stationery. They are then found by the janitor Hannes, and shown the way to the human school.

Somehow they are right on time to begin homeroom, where their teacher is the scary drill sergeant that first trained Eren’s squad. The anime then reenacts the scene from the original where the characters are made to salute and introduce themselves, including Connie’s backwards salute, and Sasha’s eating in inappropriate situations. When Eren introduces himself he declares his wish to “chase out all titans” because they had taken “something important” from him.

Before you know it it’s time for the entrance ceremony, and while the students are waiting to hear a few words from their new headmaster, who should appear at the wall but the colossal titan! The students run in terror, desperately trying to save – their lunches???

Yes, in this chibi world the titans aren’t human-eating monsters. They’re more like schoolyard bullies that steal lunches. And that is a crime that chibi Eren cannot forgive. He attacks the colossal titan with a broom but fails miserably, watching as his lunch is eaten before his eyes.

I think anyone who enjoyed Attack on Titan can enjoy Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou. Although I can’t imagine someone who hasn’t watched the original enjoying this parody anywhere near as much.