As of today I have finished watching my last ongoing anime from this season, and so I think it’s time for an overview and rankings.

#8 “Million Doll”

Million Doll started with an idea that set it apart from other idol anime: idol blogging. Unfortunately, the blogger ended up having less screen time and less influence than I’d hoped for, and ended up feeling to me like an insignificant character. There was a lot of potential here for an interesting dramatization of blogging and internet culture that just got pushed aside in favour of focusing on the idols’ journeys and feelings. This anime also really needed full length episodes. Very little could be done in each episode, and after finishing this anime I feel as though nothing actually happened at all.

#7 “Wakako-Zake”

I don’t really have any strong feelings about this anime. There isn’t anything in the way of a plot here, it’s completely episodic. Still, I found it entertaining enough, and those interested in Japanese cuisine might find it worth a look.

#6 “Wakaba*Girl”

So, with this all my short anime from this season have landed in the bottom three. I suppose they just can’t tell as compelling a story as series with regular length episodes. Still, Wakaba*Girl was cute enough and funny enough that I enjoyed watching it, most of the time. Although there were definitely times when I just wasn’t feeling up for a cutesy, slice-of-life anime like this.

#5 “Sore ga Seiyuu!”

Almost a week after finishing all my other anime, I’ve finally drawn the curtain on Sore ga Seiyuu! It was a fun way to get some insight into what Japanese voice actors do, and what pressures they face. I liked this anime, but I feel like it hasn’t left a lasting impression on me. Still, it was a good show.

#4 “Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace”

My mum would probably expect this to be my favourite anime of the season, since she seems to believe that I only watch gory horrors. But that’s obviously not the case. I’m kind of undecided on this anime. It has a lot of elements that I do like – a moody detective; mystery; going inside characters’ thoughts as they reason things out; an awesome ED theme; and yes, gore. But there are also plenty of things that don’t work for me – that crazy S&M chick whose name I’ve forgotten; yaoi vibes between Kobayashi and Hashiba; and just a general sense that something is lacking, even though I have no idea what it is.

So overall, I guess I liked Ranpo Kitan. But again, I don’t think this anime will stand out to me at all in a year’s time.

#3 “Aoharu X Kikanjuu”

AxK was a funny, feel good anime – most of the time, anyway. There were definitely times when it got weighed down by the fact that the main characters were all keeping secrets, but I guess you need to add conflict somehow, right? Although I feel like this could have been done by focusing more on the survival game aspect, and battling other teams, rather than focusing on personal conflicts and constantly dredging up the past. Ah, this is starting to sound like a negative review, right? I actually really enjoyed this anime, it’s just easier for me to point out the things that are wrong with it. Haha. But I enjoyed Hotaru’s deranged sense of justice that easily transformed into bloodlust, and I really like Yukimura, even though he’s a pervert.

#2 “Charlotte”

Charlotte, eh? Even though I’ve given this the silver medal, I feel like it’s actually the biggest disappointment of the season. I’m not quite as disappointed in it as some people seem to be though, since by the time it ended I’d kind of come to terms with the fact that it just wasn’t as good as I’d hoped it would be. I was really hyped for Charlotte, since I originally expected it to be like Clannad. You know, a sad harem anime. And of course it’s not like that at all. Still, after the first episode I could see it turning out to be a really good anime, even if it would never make me cry as much as I did for Fuko. Then things started going downhill straight away, with a few wasted episodes right at the beginning. When the plot finally started to develop it was like a switch had just been flipped out of the blue. I didn’t have too many problems with the actual plot, but I guess I just set my expectations too high from the beginning. In spite of being disappointing, it was still a good anime.

#1 “Gakkou Gurashi”

Gakkou Gurashi (aka School-Live) can safely be called the surprise of the season. It wasn’t all that surprising for me, since I was already reading the manga when the anime was announced, and already knew the twists that had everyone else going off the deep end. Still, the changes that the anime made, including making Taroumaru an important character, made it interesting for me to watch as well. Not to mention that the entire thing was just really well planned out. The impact was real. I definitely cried during the final episode.

Well, I am a major sook.

Overall this anime season has left me feeling a little flat. Although I enjoyed most of the anime I watched, I’ve come out the other side kind of unimpressed.